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My son just left for the Army. He's at Ft Benning. This week he is in Reception. Heard from him at 2:25am this morning. Last call for a while. I'm not sure how any of this works. Any info on what to expect in the next weeks would be great. Thank you.


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Very little communications.. My Husband was Army, Navy,, My son is a Marine.. so I know your pain.. hard waiting. ..The Marines have the longest one.. I got to say HI to my Husband sooner.. I was about to have our Third child.. gave birth and Red Cross worker back then told my HUbby of his new baby girl.. We finally go to see him when she was one month old.. ..It gets easier.. depending on your son.. you could start seeing letters.. and things are a little different then when my Husband went in.. they could allow him one phone call. My son got to give me one.. but he was in PCP camp. for healing with his knee caps.. Blown knee.. set him back a week.. poor dear.. but finally he was done and I was going for Graduation.. that will be a joyous and awesome day for you.. it was for me. Just Love him an send him plenty of letters for even though he might not have time to send you many.. he will read yours over and over again.. encourage him.. just love him..HUGSS

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From what I can gather from the Army website, there will be no communication allowed for the first little while, after the initial phone call. They may be allowed to call after they're assigned their basic training unit (around 3 days after the first call). After that, it's up to their drill instructors and performance.
Thank you to both you and your son for his service!

This is helpful, I've found:

Raye - posted on 06/11/2015




Don't expect much communication. They aren't allowed. Assuming everything goes well, he will graduate and move ahead. If not, he can either quit or will be "recycled" to do the program over and try again. At least that is what's happening with my nephew's friend's wife. She got recycled.

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