First time at daycare

Amanda - posted on 09/14/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My Son just turned two. He's been at home with me for two years. We just started him in daycare this week- part time. The first day was pretty good, the second was worse and this morning was a really rough drop off!
His Dad and I feel horrible about leaving him crying. We want him in daycare to have structured education and activities with other children his age. Vincent loves being around other kids.
Before i had my Son, I had worked in Daycare for 8 years. I understand both sides....I've seen kids and parents have a hard time during drop-offs. I've seen parents linger because they dont want to leave their crying child.
BUT now that I'm a parent- I'm beside my self.
I do need advice! Thank you!


Ev - posted on 09/14/2016




Then as a previous child care giver you know what it takes for a child to get used to a new routine and a new bunch of people. It takes about two to three weeks for a child o asimilate into a new routine. I worked with kids for over half of my life plus have two adult children. I know the struggles from both sides as well.

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