First time breast feeding my son.


Amy - posted on 06/29/2012




At 3 months your body has probably regulated so you won't have that "full" feeling any longer. Also babies frequently have growth spurts so your baby may appear hungrier than usual and try nursing more often. Continue to feed when the baby appears hungry and after awhile your body will realize it's not producing enough and will make more, your body will produce more if there is a demand. While at work be sure that you are still drinking plenty of fluids, and continue to pump as often as you are able to, but when you ware with your baby continue nursing on demand. I successfully breastfed my daughter while working full time, and she started self weening at two so it's possible. Good luck.


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Sarah - posted on 06/30/2012




Usually around 3 months your body regulates and you stop overproducing milk. Your breasts will stop feeling "full" and hard all the time and will start to soften back up. This doesn't mean at all that you aren't producing milk. As long as your baby is still peeing and gaining weight, you're producing exactly the amount that he needs. Good luck!

Andrea Cabrero - posted on 06/29/2012




Im having alil trouble with my phone. No I know how to breast feed. My lil one is 3 months now and he seems to be even more hungry. It also seems that my milk production has slowed down. Are there reasons for that? Is it me? His wet & dirty diapers are fine. I work nights so I pump at work. Is that anotherer reason why because he's not on the breast. I put baby to breast all the time.

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