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Hi Lisa !!! Being a new mom that means you'll be home a lot like me!!! Not to mention baby weight lol
I am a stay at home mom of 1 little girl :) I have been for almost 2 yrs now. I have been searching for a long time for a job that I can stay at home and do make some extra cash. (done every pyramid scheme lol) There are way too many scams out there!! I found that out the hard way! I did come across something that I can stay at home with and get out a few times a week if I choose. My husband was really skeptical at first (saying its a scam) but for the first time I found something that worked!
Im working selling all natural body wraps! The training I receive from the company was/is great! Its really easy and a ton of fun! I love getting to meet other people and just having adult conversations . The thing I found about these wraps are they pretty much sell themselves. What they do is help to take toxins out of a chosen area of your body to help you lose inches. I used one and wore it for 50 min and lost a inch!! I was so sold at that point lol! I also have before and after pics of my husband... yes I made him try it :) Anyhow for every 4 wraps you sell you make $50 and there is a whole line of products you could sell. I have been selling the wraps like crazy. Yesterday I met with a lady who was interested in trying the wraps and in one hour I made $85.00 :) My husband was pleased and so as I because it feels good knowing that I too can bring in some money!
I have my own website that you can check out!

teamdawn4fit @ Is my email

813-478-4738 to call or text

and my site - www. teamdawn4fit. com

If you any question feel free to contact me anytime!!

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