First time mom.

Leah - posted on 11/11/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm a first time mom. And Still worried if I am doing the right thing for my 4 yrs old baby.
She don't sleep early and she just want to be carry all the time. She's a too clingy. I'm scared when she cry coz her Color changed. I need advice how her sleep in her cot on her own. From the first till now she just want to sleep next to me. I appreciate if someone can give some advice.



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Dove - posted on 11/12/2015




There is nothing wrong w/ still sleeping w/ her if you are both OK w/ it... and there is nothing wrong w/ carrying her sometimes... again, if you are both OK w/ it.

Encouraging her towards a little independence is a good thing though. If she can walk... she should. Maybe you can start transitioning her by holding her hand instead of carrying her. I don't really know how to help that one as I was not physically able to carry my clingy child for more than a few minutes before he was 3. Carrying him flat out wasn't an option, so he didn't ask.

Raye - posted on 11/12/2015




It will take time for her to get used to not sleeping with you or not being carried if you are always giving in to her tantrums. At 4 y/o (?), she's definitely old enough to be doing things on her own.

To get her to sleep in her own bed, stay with her until she's drowsy but not quite asleep. Then quietly try to sneak off to your own room. If she cries, go back and comfort her until she calms down and starts to nod off. Then go back to your room. She will learn that you come back when she's upset, and she will learn to fall asleep in her bed.

To get her to stop begging to be carried, you just have to tell her "no" and mean it. Don't give in to her fits. You may have to sit her down and try to calm her, but if you say no, don't change your mind because that teaches her it's only a matter of screaming enough to make you give in.

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