First time mom, are the terrible twos really terrible?


Ariana - posted on 12/28/2012




Yes. Some kids hit it early, some later, but eventually it will happen. How terrible it is depends on how you react and what temperment your child is. A child with a mild temperment may be easier to calm than a child with an energetic temperment. You'll have to find out what your child responds to.

They're going through a major developmental milestone when they turn two. They're big enough to know what's going on, but they're also smaller, weaker, slower, less coordinated than everyone around them. Plus they lack the language skills to get across what they want.

You're child will most likely throw tantrums, act out, be defiant. The extent to this depends on the child and how quickly you figure out what you need to do for your child to help them calm. No matter what they're sweet little kids who we all love dearly and everyone makes it past this stage.

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