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My son is a little over a week old now and he is nursing great! We got discharged from the hospital on Friday and had to go back for a checkup on Monday for a billirubin checkup and he already gained 1/2 pound since then (which is great because when we left the hospital he was 5lbs 8 oz) but I guess my question is for moms who breastfeed how the heck do you make it through the night?! It seems like my head hits the pillow and 2 hours has gone by like that and I have to feed him. I fight myself to stay awake. My boyfriend helps me with the diaper changes and such but I try not to bug him because he is the one working while I stay home with the baby. I feel latley very resentful at that fact because I am exhausted all the time in and out of bed (which sucks because I got a c-section and am still pretty sore) Should I buy a pump so he can do a couple of feedings at night? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Please if anyone had a system that worked for them please please please share or any ideas how to help it would be very much appreciated I don't want to stop breastfeeding because I know its whats best for me and my son. But at night I really want to throw the towel in on the whole thing!


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My son and I co-slept. I was a single mom from his birth and w/ his reflux he wouldn't sleep laying flat, so I 'slept' propped up in the middle of my bed while he slept (and nursed) upright on his belly on me. We did that for 5 months straight until he was finally able to lay flat w/out squirming, fussing, and waking. Sucked, but it helped.

When my twins were babies I wasn't single yet and my now ex was a HUGE help at night for the first 3 months. He would bring me a baby, she'd nurse, he'd put her back, and bring me the other one. I'd be falling in and out of sleep the whole time. We were all in the same room, so it worked.

I get wanting to let your boyfriend sleep (that's why I didn't wake my husband after we moved to a 2 room place when the girls were 3 months), but you just had a baby AND a c-section. You really need to either co-sleep or have him help you by bringing you the baby right now. You need rest and a time to heal.

Also make sure you nap some during the day... or at least rest. Your jobs right now are heal, rest, and feed the baby. Everything/anything else needs to either wait or be handled by someone else.

Hang in there! If you can keep it up it ALL gets a lot easier in a couple of months.

Oh, and congratulations!! ♥

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