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I'm first time mom with 10 week old baby . I have overactive letdown/fast milk flow. I'm trying block feeding forward 4 hours.
He is exclusively breastfed. He is happy and content baby . but he usually needs to be fed every hour. His feeding is usually less than 2 minutes. He's always fussy at breast. I feel I have failed as a mother when I see my little one is hungry but I can't feed him. He screams madly at breast. I tried to extend feeding interval, it was terrible. I don't want to listen those hunger cries again. I nearly gave up breastfeeding. But I've taken 5 months maternity leave because I need to breastfeed him.
We are trying to introduce him a bottle. Still haven't got any success.
I'm scared go out,always thinking he will scream hysterically because of hunger. I'm going down,thinking better if I gave him formula.
Is this normal with breastfeeding baby?
When they'll be able to handle the fast milk flow?
Please give me some encouraging word. I don't want to carry on like this.
I'm all alone at home. I don't worry about house hold things.
Are they extend feeding interval with time, if so when?
Please help me.


Katherine - posted on 09/20/2013




Being a new mom is completely overwhelming and doing it alone is ever harder. I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time. For me, the first 3 or 4 months were absolutely the hardest but it does get easier. I never had an issue with my letdown being too forceful but here is a link to It's a great resource for us nursing moms and they have a lot of info on your issue.
Don't beat yourself up if breastfeeding doesn't work out. If your baby is healthy and happy, that's all that matters. I understand wanting to breastfeed and I think you're brave to carry on but just remember that he will do just fine if you need to give him formula instead. You have NOT failed him in any way. I can tell you're worried about him, trying to figure it out, and you're trying everything you can - that makes you a GREAT mom!! That's all any of us are doing.
I would be concerned that he's not nursing for longer periods. Have you tried pumping and giving it to him in a bottle? That might help with some of the letdown issues. You could also try pumping a little right before you nurse him to take some of the pressure off - you might then have a slower flow that he can handle a little better. You might also contact your local LaLeche League. They have free email and phone consultations in most areas and they may have more suggestions. Good luck!!!!


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Thank you very much Katherine.
I've already contacted them and following their advices.
Everybody says things will get easier.
I'm counting weeks,just 3 more weeks.
Thanks once again.
Never thought BF is such hard thing,specially with oversupply.

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