First time mom in need of advice....

Mary - posted on 05/12/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am first time mom, and need advice.

My daughter turned one in April. She has been teething on and off for a while now, so her sleep has been up and down, no big deal. Most of the time, she sleeps fine, and may wake up with the occasional cry, but goes right back to sleep on her own.

About two weeks ago, we noticed that she was laying on the floor kinda puny, and hitting her head on the floor not hard, but enough for us to feel that something was not right. We took her to the pediatrician who said that she had an ear infection. She was then put on an antibiotic. When she was on the antibiotic, I noticed that her sleep took a turn for the worst in that she was waking up screaming, and would not go back down. We have used the "cry it out" method in the past, but we knew she was in pain, so we put her in the bed with us. This went on for about nine days until we finally said we have to figure something else out. We were so so tired, and getting no sleep. When we finally decided to let her "cry it out", we heard her banging her head on the crib hard. We checked on her, and would try to soothe her. This led us to take her back to the pediatrician thinking the ear infection had not cleared up and that was maybe why she was hitting her head. She was 90% done with the antibiotic at that point. Our pediatrician stated that her ears looked great, and banging her head on the crib was a habit she formed to possibly get some relief, and that we would need to break her of this habit. He also told us that her molars were coming in as well.

The next day, when we woke, she had a big bruise on her forehead that honestly put me to immediate tears. We talked to the pediatrician again to let him know what was happening, and they stated for us to put her in the packnplay as a safety measure until we could break the habit. We have done that for the past few nights, and it is helping, and she is not banging her head so far in it.

She has also picked up a habit of pulling her hair really hard to the point where she is pulling it out on the sides. I have noticed that she only does it when she wakes up in the middle of the night. It kinda seems like a tantrum, I don't know. She does not do it any other time, and she does not exhibit any of this same behavior at daycare only at home. We have a video monitor, and watching her pull her hair so hard giving her a slight bald spot really concerns me and makes me feel to helpless to help her.

I am just so concerned, and honestly feel completely helpless. She is reaching her milestones for her age. She isn't walking yet, but exhibiting a lot of the milestones for her age. She is mimicking us, pointing, hugging, saying hey and bye bye, closing doors, crawling like a mad woman, etc. She started crawling at 11 months. She gets frustrated too with little stuff like trying to cram a square block in a circle or hitting me in the face not hard at all. Almost like how dare you take that away from me..ha. Is that normal?

Any advice would be so helpful. Thank you

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