First time mom. Need help with court advice.

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I am a full time mom of a 13 month old daughter. Her father hasn't seen her in 10 months and won't talk to me. His own mother is the one who asks if they can come see my daughter. They always come up with excuses of why they can't come down to see her. Well now the father is trying to enter the military, and he is using his money he gets paid from boot camp to pay a lawyer so he can try to get full custody. Thing is he isn't on my daughter's birth certificate, because he was abusive. This man threatened to kill me when I was pregnant and he even kicked me in my pregnant stomach. Plus my mother and I didn't want that kind of man to be around her at birth. I am kind of scared and I am protecting my daughter from him. What do I do?


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Ok. You establish paternity, you request custody, you request supervised visits, (as long as you actually have physical proof of danger to the child. Him being abusive towards you doesn't count).

He's probably choosing NOT to communicate directly with you in order to minimize confrontation, which is why his mother is the "go between".

He has every right to request access to his child, just as much as you do. He has the right to ask for custody, or to ask for a visitation schedule, same as you do.

Whether or not he's listed as her father means absolutely zilch in the grand scheme of things.

If you want this not to turn into a lengthy battle, you need to establish paternity via a test, request custody, support, and visitation orders through the courts. You cannot claim to be "protecting" the child, when you won't allow contact to begin with. You need solid proof of his danger towards the child.

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