First time mommy stressed out by pediatrician that my child is developmentally delayed. Help?

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My daughter is 7 months old and her pediatrician has me concerned that she is behind developmentally. When she was at her 6 month visit, the dotor tried pulling her from a laying to a sitting position and she was just lazy and didn't want to cooperate. I should mention that her doctor is one of those overly thorough doctors. Also, the doctor tried telling me that she should be bearing weight on her legs and able to sit up by now and referred her to the early intervention program. I declined it because at home, she is rolling all over and very active. She still can't sit up totally by herself yet and doesn't really try using her legs when I hold her up. I am concerned because I see other babies, younger than mine, that have already reached these milestones. I feel like a bad mother, and the pediatrician constantly questions me about my decisions to hold off on physical therapy. I am stressed and not sure what to do, should I involve her in these programs or just give her time? She is very smart, active and alert so I just don't understand what the big concern is really? I am a first time mom but have always heard that babies do things on their own time and I would think that a pediatrician should know this.


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If the doctor is telling you one thing and EI is telling you another... it's worth getting a second opinion over. She may not qualify for EI, but having them do an evaluation on her would definitely be a better way to get a more accurate assessment.

My son was evaluated for speech at 2.5 and did not have enough of a delay to qualify for services, BUT the evaluator told me that if he wasn't doing 'xyz' by 3 to call back because he WOULD qualify for services at that time... which he did.

Personally I think it's worth getting a second opinion AND an evaluation to ease your mind. The person doing the evaluation would be able to tell you what to look for and if/when it would become enough of a problem to need intervention over.

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It is always better to start early than to wait and have it be harder later.

I think he's worried more about her being limp than anything else.

From what you've said in both posts, I would get a second opinion. Depending on the practice your doctor is in, you might need to go to a different doctor office. The doctors at the office we go to are really good about asking their own questions even if the answer is in the file. Some doctors aren't as good about that and will only look at the file.

Jenna - posted on 10/15/2012




I actually spoke with the coordinator from Early Intervention and she asked me all sorts of questions about the things my daughter does and whether or not she's doing this or that and when that was all said and done, she told me my daughter wouldn't even be qualified for the early intervention program because she is not actually delayed at this point. It's quite stressful. Of course I want to be sure there's nothing wrong but I've got my pediatrician telling me one thing and early intervention telling me another.

September - posted on 10/15/2012




It wouldn’t hurt to check out the early intervention program or even physical therapy for that matter. Personally I would feel horrible if there was something I could have done for my child and didn't. Obviously there is some sort of concern there so why not look further into it? You could also get a second opinion from a different pediatrician as well. Good luck and best wishes!

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