first time mommy to be and bored to tears everyday

Rebekah - posted on 11/18/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I'm new to all of this stuff but basically I think I just need reassurance. I'm 20 yes old and I'll be 21 in a couple months. I'm due with my very first child on April 20th. I quit my job before I found out I was pregnant because I felt that sometimes the hours Ide get a day was not worth my time, and felt like sometimes it would only pay for my gas. Anyways, my husband goes to work from 630 am to 630 pm. So during that time I'm sitting at home struggling to find things to keep my mind busy. Some days I win, other days my emotions get the best of me. All I do all day is clean, go on the internet, occasionally draw when in the mood, maybe paint my nails or put some makeup on for no reason at all. I sold my car and in the process of saving to get a different one running.. so at the moment I'm also without a car. I feel like I'm going insane. I think about getting another job until baby comes but at the same time I figure it kind of pointless if I have to end up quitting in 4 months. (Almost 20 weeks prego) not to mention most businesses wouldn't hire a pregnant person who plans on quitting in a few months anyway. I know when my baby comes I will have something wonderful to take up my attention but until then, what can I do? Sometimes I'm so bored I get lost in my thoughts and just start crying when my husband leaves for work because its just a constant battle of keeping myself busy everyday.. but everyday I do the same things and it gets very depressing. I know stress on the baby is not good and when I'm stressed so is baby so I feel guilty. My husband says he would b in heaven if he hot to stay home all day..maybe so.. but everyone is different! I get so restless! And when a restless person is trapped with nothing to do they feel like their going insane! My friends do not live close and I rarely talk to them anymore after I sold my car. I really don't know if I'm writing all of this just to vent or to perhaps hear what other moms have done to pass time, or both. Anyways, thoughts, opinions, ideas or experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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I know it sounds easy but try to enjoy it.Enjoy having the freedom of being able to take a bath whenever you like,or to just watch tv and relax. Thats what i did when i was pregnant and alone at home. I cleaned,watched tv,read some books,did alot of drawing(for work),made things for the baby like his name for on the door and cooked every night. Acouple of weeks befor the due date i started cooking meals to freeze so i would have it ready when the baby was born. You could also do that. I went shopping with hubby in the evenings. And sometimes friends came over. Could you invite friends to come over to your place? Are you going to be a sahm? Trust me,being a sahm can also get boring at times because you also have to do the same thing everyday with the baby. I took classes in the evenings once a week just to get a break. And once the baby is born you wont be able to just watch tv,go take a long bath etc. It all changes. Try to relax and enjoy the time you have.

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