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Melissa - posted on 12/20/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




When it comes to a birth certificate if you're not with the guy and unmarried filing for custody of your child do you put his name on the birth certificate. Or wait for the child support to DNA test and grant child support


Michelle - posted on 12/20/2015




If you know who the Father is you have to put him on there. It's a legal document and the only time you leave it blank is if you really don't know who the Father is.


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Raye - posted on 12/21/2015




If you're going to file for child support, paternity will need to be established in one of three ways.... the father is named on the birth certificate, the father and mother sign a statement of paternity, or a DNA test is done for proof of paternity. In either of the two latter cases, the birth certificate can be corrected to include his name. So, there's no reason not to put him on there if you know he's the father.

What's your state's position on child custody? In some states, an unwed mother is presumed to have sole custody of a child whether or not the father's name is on the BC, while other states presume that two parents who sign the child's birth certificate have joint custody of a child, regardless of whether they're married. Even if he's not on the BC, *at any time* the father could exercise his rights to see his child. So, to be on the safe side, you should go ahead and go to court and get orders for custody/visitation so each parent knows exactly what their rights are. If he's not interested now, he may change his mind later on, and you want to be protected from him trying to take more than he's legally entitled to.

You will have a child, and you will have to think about more than yourself. You will have to think about the child's needs, and you will have to come to terms with the fact that the man is the child's father regardless of anything else. A child has a right to a relationship with both parents, if both parents are willing.

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