First Time Mother; Nursing student, Unexpected living situation..advice appreciated

Saylor Noel - posted on 05/28/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm a first time mother expecting my daughter in late September. I'm a nursing student at a university that is 2 hours from any family. I lived in a dorm until the end of this semester. My school offers a Scholar House for single parents, but technically I'm not a single parent, her father, my fiancé, is very much involved with my pregnancy. It is a wonderful place for housing the only problem is that my fiancé cannot live there with us…single parenting. We have applied for city housing so it wouldn't cost a arm and leg to live there but there is a 6-12 month waiting list. I am going to apply for county housing June 17th, and that has a 3-6 month waiting list. I've found places for 350/month but utilities aren't included. I can't have my child and pass her back and forth from where I'm going to school and my hometown. It would feel as if she was ripped from my arms at birth and I don't think I could emotionally handle that. But I also can't keep my fiancé from her. I think all I really need is support and reassurance that everything will work out in the end but I'm so afraid that I'm not going to be able to live with both my child and fiancé.


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Well, IMO you have worked really hard to get into nursing school, and if you stop now, you will be starting from scratch. Get on the waiting list for housing, and in the mean time use the scholar house for single parents until something opens up. It is gonna be tough, but you are strong and can do it!

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Everything will work out.

Have you checked with your student services office? I know that our campus offers housing to married couples as long as one is enrolled.

Good luck!


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