Fitness oriented and the two go hand in hand?

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After my last pregnancy I gained quite a bit of weight (yea, after and not during). Around June last year I got serious about my weight. I changed my diet and work out regularly. I started p90x, did stroller and mall walks, went thru a series of beginner to advanced step aerobics and completed the c25K training program. It has been a lengthy process due to health problems but I’ve lost 32 lbs and am smaller than I’ve been in years. I wanted to lose another 18lbs to reach my target weight. Currently I do step aerobics several times a week and 3 mile runs at the gym (I’m training for 10k).

This week I found out I was pregnant and now my emotions are all over the place. I am SO afraid of regaining all the weight I just lost. With doctor permission I intend to continue my workouts and maintain my current eating habits which includes very little beef or pork, no white starchy foods, more veggies and fruits. I’ve switched to whole grains and no longer eat fast food, fried food (rarely), or drink sodas. I don’t drink much juice either unless it’s in my postworkout smoothie. I do drink over 100 oz of water every day. My question is, are there any other moms out there that workout as religiously as I do? How did that work during your pregnancy? How much weight did you gain, were you able to curb your cravings?

Please don’t read this and think that I will put the life of my unborn child in jeopardy simply to sustain a workout. I am simply looking to manage my pregnancy and continue whatever exercises the doctor deems safe. I’m highly concerned about gestational diabetes and I don’t think I can handle it if I undo all the work I’ve done over the past 7 months. Since I’ve already been eating healthy it seems like it should help during this pregnancy (and limit weight gain). Obviously I eat when hungry and until I am full, I do not count calories or try to deliberately eat small portions. Advice from other athletic, or women who work out regularly is very much appreciated.



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If you are already fit before you get pregnant then it is usually fine to continue the same level of intensity. Problems occur when people try to get fit during pregnancy, its different when you were already fit before.

The main issue with exercise is as you get bigger it is recommended you dont do activities that bounce the baby and your belly around. Cross trainer instead of running for example. There are exercises and aerobics designed specifically for pregnancy. Talk to a trainer at your local gym. As far as diet, basically you just have to continue to eat the normal amount of calories for your height and weight. If you cut calories (which I know you aren't doing - just saying) while pregnant then your body will become malnourished (baby is usually fine, the body takes from you to give to the baby). You dont actually need to eat more during pregnancy. See a nutritionist if you are worried about gaining weight.

Also, staying fit while pregnant makes recovery easier and you get trim again far more quickly after baby comes.

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You should be fine! I had a hard time watching what I eat so since you're already doing that you'll be great for the pregnancy. Also you can still workout while you're pregnant since you've been doing it before. Most doctors just say not to start a new workout regime. Plus working out will keep you in good shape for labor so hopefully it'll be easier for your body to handle. My absolute favorite thing to do when I was pregnant with my second was walking with my older son in the sstroller. I live in a pretty hilly area so I got a lot of cardio and resisitance by pushing him up the hills. Don't lose hope all your hardwork won't be lost, it'll give you the knowledge that you can get back into shape after this baby!

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Water aerobics was great for me. It kept me from overheating and I got an amazing workout. With this workout I didn't have to worry too much about what I ate - I just made sure it was healthy. No junk food...... I was in a smaller pair of jeans than I was wearing before I got pregnant, 2 week after I gave birth!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! You certainly are able to continue working out while you are pregnant, but you certainly should talk to your doctor and you may need to change your routine. Usually they say you are fine to continue what you were doing pre-pregnancy until your body starts to tell you otherwise (my OB always said that my body would let me know when enough was enough). As you get bigger, you should switch to activities where loss of balance isn't a threat (you may want to avoid the step aerobics at that point). You also need to be a little more aware of your heart rate (you shouldn't get it up quite as high while you're pregnant since your heart is working harder). Walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, and stationary bikes are all great for later pregnancy. Some gyms even offer prenatal classes, and hopefully you're lucky enough to have those at your gym. Exercising during pregnancy is great for controlling your weight, and it tends to make the whole pregnancy and delivery better, so doing so will definitely be the best choice for you and your baby.

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I didn't intentionally workout religiously while I was pregnant, but I had a very active job (I was doing house keeping and was working full time at it) I didn't gain a lot of weight while I was working, but because I started getting really dizzy in my last 2 months of pregnancy my doctor put me on medical leave. I gained the majority of my pregnancy weight during those 2 months (in the last month I gained 20lbs total!) My daughter is perfectly healthy (other than only having one kidney but had nothing to do with me working, purely genetics). So I'd say go ahead and work out if there is no medical reason not to. Just when it starts to get really difficult to workout I would start to slow it down a bit :)

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It's good to work out during pregnancy. I was a member of a gym where the trainer would evaluate me every few weeks to be sure I was on track with my pregnancy and not doing anything dangerous. I did cardio, but was careful not to let my heartrate get too high. I also did weights, but only what my trainer and doctor deamed appropriate for that stage of pregnancy (nothing that strains the stomach muscles). Streching is important too. I gained 20 lbs with my 8.7 lbs baby. Because I breastfed, I was able initially lose most of the rest. I hung on to a few lbs during while I was breastfeeding but lost it when my daughter weaned.

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