Five month old -how social should she be?

Helena - posted on 07/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )





I'm beginning to worry about my little girl, five months old. You read she should be quite social by now, but she really isnt.

She gives eye contact, but never if you hold her on your lap (she will avoid it), only when changing her or when in the bouncer. She smiles and laughs occasionally, but seldom as a "social smile". You really have to work hard. Also, she very rarely turns to look at us when we speak and seems alltogether more interested in her surroundings. She never looks for me when she wakes up, I have to try and get her attention. She does coo a bit, but doesnt direct it at us. It doesnt feel like communication. Also, she is quite happy by her own. Never seems to need us if she isnt bored or hungry like I've heard other babys do. She is ok with cuddling even through she doesnt show affection back. She is hitting all other developmental milestones really early.

Please, is this normal or should I be concerned? I asked our ped but she didnt think I should worry?


/New mom in Sweden


Bethany - posted on 07/19/2013




My daughter is the same age she smiles all the time at anyone who talks to her, she doesn't really laugh yet like you said your daughter does, I wouldn't worry too much maybe she just needs a little more time, do you interact a lot with her talking and playing?

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