Flying with one year old for first time

Christina - posted on 04/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




In two weeks, My daughter (just turn 1 yr) and I will be traveling from Orlando , Fl to New York City and I am VERY NERVOUS. Because I will be traveling alone and she is very active. I am not too sure what to bring to entertain her, to feed her that is acceptable by the gate, how would I get her to sit still for almost 3 hrs?? And now she is showing temper tantrums and she scream cries! Should I travel at night? or day? I could really use some advice on what to do. I do want a pleasant experience for the both of us because we will have to do this again in July (but I will have someone with me this time). HELP???


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Kristin - posted on 04/14/2010




RELAX..if you show anxiety she will too. Bring a few of her favorite toys and snacks. It will be quicker than you realize. I nursed when I flew with my children and it went smoothly. (by recommendation of my doct.) I had a small alcholic beverage before I nursed and it relaxed both of us. 1st time was with a 6 mo. old w/o the beverage and it went great. 2nd time was with a 13 mo and a 27 mo old and it was interesting with potty training.(no one was there to help me for 1st and 2nd trip)) 3rd time was with a 9mo old and the beverage was the best idea ever for my over active boy. Patience and try to stay calm. The best time to fly depends on your schedule but plan when your baby is at her happiest. GOOD LUCK!

Louise - posted on 04/13/2010




If you had more time I would of said book her a seat and use her car chair. I have just taken my 16 month old on holiday and the flight was 4.5 hours. She thought she was in the car so I had no fuss. She fell asleep and played with her normal car toys. If you cannot do this then I suggest walking up and down the aisle as much as you can as this will take her mind off being confined to your lap. If your child sleeps on your lap then encourage a sleep (mine never has) Make sure you give a drink on take off and landing so that your toddlers ears do not hurt. In europe we can take any food and drink through the gate as long as you get your baby to drink the liquid. Take your childs favourite toy and just keep a positive voice through the whole experience. Have a good flight!

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