Flying with our 15 month old daughter to a HOT place.

Lauren - posted on 07/20/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband, our 15 month old daughter and I are going on a trip to Florida in a couple weeks and I have no idea what to bring on the plane or what I need to bring for her to wear in Florida considering its extremely hot! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)


Sarah - posted on 07/20/2015




A hat with a brim that straps under the chin. Lightweight clothing, like sundresses, light cotton shirts and shorts, and lightweight pj's. If she is a walking bring shoes as the ground can be too hot for her to be barefoot.
For the plane; how long is the flight? Bring your stroller and check it at the gate. They will then meet you at the gate when you land with your stroller. You will want extra water for her on the plane, and pack several small snacks. If you have a cup or she uses a bottle, give it to her during take off to ease her ears. A few toys, books and if she has a special lovey (blanket or stuffed animal), keep that handy on the plane. The plane is likely to be quite cool, so dress her like you do everyday and bring a blanket or light sweater. If you dress her in layers, then you can peel a layer off when you land and she won't be hot.
One tip I have from traveling with four kids 7 and under; do NOT board early! They will call out for families with small children to board early. Resist temptation! The only benefit to boarding early is you get the first access to the carry-on storage. Not worth it, you will be sitting on the plane for an extra 30 minutes (which doesn't sound bad, but if you get delayed as well, it will feel like forever). The flight attendants can always help you stash your carry on bags. I have also found it easier to wait and be the last one off the plane too.
Also, bring wipes, extra diapers and bags to put soiled ones in until you can get them to the trash.
Are you going to be traveling in a car when you arrive? If so, you need a car seat. You can bring it on the plane if she has her own ticket and seat, but if she is flying as a "lap sitter" you either have to check the car seat, or arrange for someone to get you one when you land. I don't think car rental agencies offer car seats. I have traveled (thanks to grandma) to many tropical destinations with babies as young as 7 months. While it seems daunting, it is definitely doable.
Final tip; Ignore the sighs, eye-rolling and grimaces of all the other passengers when they see you get on the plane, they were all babies once too!

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