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My name is Aileen ,.my daughter Judy lives with us & her 3 children,the4th is in Europe.My grandson Isaac is a mosaic Trisomi 9 little boy,he is 5 years old .We are lucky in so many ways he is a wonderful kid but he will not touch most food.His diet is Toast with honey no crusts, Matzo with butter & Bovril,chocolate chip biscuits,cheese but only colby,egg yolk sometimes,plain crisps,vanilla ice cream chicken strips cooked with a batter,but only 4 at the most,drinks water at a push,milk a little,cordial,thats it.He use to eat a bowl of wheatbix & milk or oat meal porridge for breakfast but not any more.He has never eaten fruit ,vegetables,fast food,he will not touch a McDonalds or similar.Candy he is very choosey & only eats a couple of kinds.He goes to a birthday party & will not touch a thing.He has been to eating school,he attends Prep & at school a special person sits with him at morning break to try & get him to touch feel taste,male a picture with fruit but no luck.HELP can anyone sugest something,Thank You

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