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hi, i hav 4months old male baby. can u tell me what kind of food can i give?


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none. he is too young for food. They recommend waiting until AT LEAST 6 months. Even then, food before 1 is just for fun.

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He is probably to young yet for food. He should be able to sit up by himself, and hold his head properly. Also, he should be having tongue thrusting showing he is ready for food. It is best to wait until about 6 months old for solids. His primary food right now should be formula or breast milk. If you are going to start solids, make sure he is still getting plenty of either of those.

I started on avocado (pureed with bm added) then sweet potatoes, and bananas after that. Start slow, 3'-5 days before introducing a new food to ensure there are no allergies.

Sharlene - posted on 07/05/2012




If your son is on bottles or breast fed , Offer him rice cereal and puree solids.Only small amounts and if you think hes still hungry offer more but dont fill him up with to much solids he still needs hes milk.

Louise - posted on 07/05/2012




If you are sure he is ready for solids then start him on baby rice, A tiny bit at a time made with his normal milk. Then introduce one new flavour at a time so that if he has a reaction to any food you can identify it. Most mums start with baby cereals and then work there way forward. I would not give him homemade food until he is 6 months plus and remember never add sugar or salt. Always offer his normal milk first, solids at this age is a top up and not his main food source.

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