Food Allergies: What are common issues?

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What meal do you find is the hardest to cook for your child with a food allergy (Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner)? Do you cook a separate meal for you child and the rest of your family? What is your biggest struggle when cooking for you child with a food allergy? Do you trust your child to cook for themselves?


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There should be no difficulty preparing food for a child with a food allergy, simply because that food should never enter your door.
If the child is allergic to certain items such as gluten, there is no reason that the entire family could not eat a gluten free diet, for example.
My eldest had allergies to fruits, and other acidic foods. So, we simply did not prepare or offer those specific foods. We didn't prepare separate meals (This is NOT "Mom's Cafe" LOL)
Depending on the age of the child, and their attentiveness, it is up to each individual parent as to allowing the child to prepare food for themselves. For example, at the age of 7, my eldest could cook, and was allowed to use the stove with supervision. My youngest, however, wasn't allowed until he was around 12. Different kids, different mannerisms and attention spans required different guidelines for each.
Food allergies are only a struggle if you let them be. If you have a child with an allergy, you need to educate them from day one on what they can/cannot have, and teach them to ALWAYS ask if foods offered to them contain the allergen.

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