Food color 😵

Kavi - posted on 02/20/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi ladies,

Nice to be in this group! I'm very excited!

Today I made my 1 year old baby to do painting with Apple sauce and food color.. He loved it..

But after he finished I found that I cannot wash his food color stain from his hands..

I'm very worried.. 😖😵😭 please suggest me something to remove his stain from his hands..

Is that harmful ? 😭



Raye - posted on 02/20/2016




Food color is a dye, so now you are aware that it stains. It is not harmful, as long as your child is not allergic (some people are allergic to red food colors in particular). It will probably just have to fade over time. Skin absorbs dyes and liquids, so it's not something that can be washed off the surface, like paint. You could try washing every so often with Hydrogen Peroxide, which may help bleach it out the color. Do not use actual bleach, as that could cause chemical burns on the skin, or he could be allergic to bleach (my mom is).

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