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Geraldine - posted on 04/14/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was wondering if anyone had experience with this kind of stuff, because it's impossible to find anything online that actually makes sense…
I'm a divorced mom of 2. Dad took off, sometimes sees the kids, but pays nothing (going to court for this, btw). I'm a graduate student, so my income is very limited. I'm a US resident, but my kids are US citizens, so they get Medicaid, and we get a little bit of food stamps every month.
Last year, I met my now boyfriend, and things have been going really well. He has 2 kids from 2 previous marriages, but our kids really love each other, my kids love him, his kids love me, we all love them :) Lotsa love.
So we are planning to move in together. He has a really decent and steady job, but is paying quite a bit of child support and other stuff, like health insurance and day care (even though he has one of his kids 50% of the time... it's a long story, let's just say he's an extremely responsible dad). It would make sense financially, from a rent and utilities point of view to live together. However, I worry about my kids' situation. The food stamps not too much, it's not that much anyway. But mostly the Medicaid. I don't think we would be able to afford health insurance for them. I have health insurance through the university, but adding on kids is really expensive. My boyfriend has really good health insurance, but I'm pretty sure we cannot add on my kids since we're not married.
And yes, my divorce decree does say my ex and me should cover health insurance together, but considering the way things have been going so far, I can't count on that.

Does anybody have any experience with the Medicaid stuff? I'm pretty sure we'd lose the food stamps, because for that, they look at the household and who is all eating together, and our combined income. But for Medicaid, do they also look at the household, or just at who has custody or is the kids' legal guardian?

(PS I live in Florida)


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Call your caseworker. Present the hypothetical question of what would happen to your children's medical coverage if you should decide to combine households.

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