Food wars!!

Natalia - posted on 03/18/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 4 year old eats everything i put infront of her. My issue is that it takes her 2 hours to eat.Literally. It is super frustrating! She starts off ok but quickly gets distracted by anything and everything. I have tried everything from gentle words of encouragement to rewards to time out. Even bribery, but nothing seems to work!

Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Louise - posted on 03/18/2011




I would try and let her eat with the family so she gets some idea of time scale. When you have given her ample time then get down from the table and leave her to it. She will soon learn that she has to eat quicker or she will be sat on her own whilst the rest of the family do something a little more exciting.

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Are there distractions you can remove?
My boy will sit there forever...if the TV is on. If the dogs are under his high chair scavenging any crumbs...he will sit there and play with them, throwing scraps down. For me, turning OFF the TV...and put the dogs on the back porch helps. Do you sit down like a family for each meal? Does she have a definite meal time with other family members? I think routine would help here...maybe set a time (30 minutes?) and then remove her from the meal. Let her start to see that we eat...we get up. Is she eating well at the beginning of the meal and then loses her gusto after a while? Maybe give her a 30 minute time limit and then take her down? Maybe you can get her to eat faster if she gets the idea that she's on a time limit?
All just suggestions here....I have a son who loves to eat too. It sure does make you proud when a stranger is surprised that your little one loves brussel sprouts! :D

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