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Kelly - posted on 03/10/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi Moms

I have encountered a little issue recently with our next door neighbors or should I say there 22 year old son. We had some trees to cut down between our boundaries so the next door neighbors son and his friend decided to take on the task.

During there lunch break I would make a sandwich and drink and call them into the house. One day I left there refreshments on the table and I happened to have my barefeet up on the lounge coffee table. As the neighbors son walked in he stopped in his tracks staring at my feet then quickly looked away. Now I used to have a boyfriend who liked feet so I knew this young man has a foot fetish. So over the next few days this young man is using every chance he can to come in the house to which he starts staring at my feet...I have to confess I want to tease the young boy a bit with my feet so I painted my toes red in front of him but I feel a little guilty. I have no intentions of sleeping with him. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

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Michael - posted on 08/05/2017




Sigh... you do realize that many guys post on websites like these in the hopes of getting other females to respond? They're interested in affirmation, hearing other girls respond and hopefully some girl to agree with them.

Sarah - posted on 03/10/2016




Your behavior is totally inappropriate. First, staring at your feet does not equal foot fetish. Second, if he does has this desire, why tease him? You are irresponsible and unkind. Leave him be.

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