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Who is a grandmother? Our granddaughter will be 3 in September... we will have our second grandchild in December. Looking forward to how she will react after being the "baby" for over 3 years! Who has a great story to share?


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I became a grandmother a little over a year ago. My daughter gave birth to a girl last year. She is the apple of many eyes in this family. Here are a few tidbits.

My son is my other kid and when he heard he was to be an uncle the grin that plastered his face was a mile wide. He took to it well. He started to ask about teaching video games to his forth coming niece or nephew. If that did not show excitement I do not know what did.

For Easter that year, we went looking for some special gifts for baby. By this point we knew we had a girl coming but my son was not sure about finding things for a girl. He did not want to get "girly" stuff so he settled on her first Nerf guns. I got her a floppy Easter bunny to have. I did show him things that he could get that worked both ways.

When baby did come, it was a happy day and a sad one too. My son got left out of meeting his niece after being born. HIs dad and I are divorced and his dad is remarried and with step mom they left all the kids home including him. His sis was furious that they made him stay behind. So, when he was with me again, I took him to see his niece. I have never seen a prouder face on a kid like that expect when his sister got her silbing (him). It just made my day.

I think the best story about becoming a grandmother was this: My daughter is not one who can stand pain. Labor and delivery can be a painful process. My daughter told me she had no epidural, no pain meds, no C-section, no nothing and she as she pushed she smiled the entire time. That floored me. She is a real trooper....and a Rennissance Woman.

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