For the past 2 years my son gags and vomits very easily. Sometimes it can just be at the sight of food, other times it is once he takes a bite, it can also be the texture or smell of something. He has been on Prevacid for about a year and a half. It seems to help a little however he still gags and apparently vomits 1-2 times a week at daycare. He is three years old. We just had labs done and found that he has a low wheat allergy, and moderate milk and egg allergy. We have a swallow study scheduled as well. I am just wondering if it could be the allergies causing the gagging and vomiting or if it m ight be more of a sensory processing issue. Any one else have any similar experiences?


Julie - posted on 12/03/2012




I am not an expert, but I am in the medical field. I do know you can gag and vomit with allergies to foods. Lactose intolerance for sure, like milk and eggs. Sensory processing occurs in the brain. The reflux symptoms your son is experiencing can be in part to motor control, but I doubt it is sensory processing. I would recommend asking your doctor for a referral to a speech therapist. Sorry, I just read you are getting a swallow study already. You are doing all the right things. They will evaluate swallowing, and treat disorders if present quite successfully.

I really think this is probably food allergy related, but get all the testing available to rule out any other possibilities. Hang in there Mama, it must be rough :(

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