For those who have tried just about EVERYTHING to get rid of the nausea feeling

Stephany - posted on 01/09/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




For all 3 of my pregancies I suffered from being nausea... With my first one it was only the norm.. The first 3 months, then after that I was good. My second pregancy I also suffered from nausea, but never vomited, but just really wanted to.. I would always ask my doctor to give me something, but he was always really cautious and didnt want to prescribe me anything.. I suffered through out my whole pregnancy, but managed to do without.. Then I got pregant again after 9 years from my 2nd child, I was sick as a dog.. I literally thought I was dying.. the feeling was horrible.I knew it could'nt of been my age, because I was 30 when I got pregnant ... My new doctor gave me meds, but they worked but not as good, and I didnt want to keep taking all these different pills..Then I came across something that WORKED!!!.. believe it or not it was HALLS MENTHAL CHERRY, sorry for the spelling..But OMG, this worked. I was using them like no tomorrow. I was going through atleast 15 - 20 per day for my entire pregnancy. I researched it on the internet for possible side effects, and there was nothing, and I told my doctor and she said that there shouldn't of been a problem. She too was shocked.. So the bottom line to my story is try a Halls... Please if this works for you let me know.. I would LOVE to hear how it helped you.

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Abigail - posted on 07/14/2016




I'm going through my third pregnancy and I completely feel your pain. I was always so sick I felt helpless and miserable all the time. I tried to avoid eating but I got more sick and much weaker when I didn't eat. Try eating what you crave or just drink No to morning sickness tea that eased my sickness quickly and safely.

Tiffany - posted on 01/10/2010




I've been using Preggy Pop Drops ( You can get them at Babie r Us and Motherhood. They've worked really well.

Sarah - posted on 01/09/2010




I had tried everything with all of my pregnancies to get rid of morning sickness.. Nothing has ever worked for me! I am pregnant now with my 3rd, and will definately try Halls. I was just preparing myself to be sick the whole 9 months like the previous pregnancies! Definately not fun to be sick even in the delivery room! lol

Johnny - posted on 01/09/2010




Perhaps it was the Eucalyptus. Oddly enough, for me, mint ice cream was the only thing that worked. But if I'm pregnant again, perhaps I'll check out the Halls, because it is next to impossible to haul ice cream around with you everywhere, LOL.

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