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Mercedes - posted on 03/15/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




Has anyone with a teen required the teen to see a therapist to address why pot smoking is occurring. Is this something you can require when the teen has declined your invitation? Is it a waste of money to force a teen to speak to a therapist if they don't want to?


Raye - posted on 03/15/2016




When I was young and forced into counseling, I would either not talk or tell them what I thought they wanted to hear. Neither of these were actually helpful. If you have a good therapist, they can usually see through at least some of the bullshit and make some headway in getting to the root of problems, but you need a really good one. Otherwise you are kind of just wasting your money. There's no way to force the teen to talk or to be truthful.

Why can't you talk to them yourself? Or just cut out needing to know "why" and take measures to try to prevent it from happening. Monopolize their time so they can't find a moment alone to smoke. Reduce their friend pool to "weed out" (pun intended) the bad friends that might be influencing them to smoke. Be more involved in what your child is doing so they stay on the straight path.


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Dove - posted on 03/15/2016




You could try a few sessions and see if he changes his mind and decides he WANTS to open up... but from my personal experience as a teen that was forced into therapy... it's not likely to be useful. I didn't want to be there even though I KNEW I had issues... so I simply lied to the lady til she told my parents I was fine and didn't need to go.

Ev - posted on 03/15/2016




Mercedes, you also posted another question asking if taking the phone from a child was worth it to get them to stop using pot. The thing is pot is not really a good thing for your son to be using. Yes, it could be masking another issue or problem but most of the time teens are going to be trying out things and testing parents at the same time. You need to put your foot down and stop using excuses for therapy and counseling to get to the root of the problem. YOU are the parent and IT"S your job to parent the child. You should be talking to your son about what is going on in his life daily not just when a problem arises. You need to know who his friends are or at least the kids he hangs with are. You should know his where abouts. You should know what he does when he is not at home or school. YOU should be monitoring things. More than likely he is just trying it to see what it is like.

Mercedes - posted on 03/15/2016




The theory is that pot smoking is a symptom of some other problem. Of course, it could simply be that he likes it. But my thought is that therapy could help get to the room of the problem. ie, maybe a little depression, or social isolation/failure or low self esteem. In this case, my teen's pot smoking seems to be a stab at popularity. All normal stuff, but I just feel like therapy would be helpful, if I could only get him to agree. He seems alittle socially desperate and that worries me. There are kids who are able to not do it. What holds them together. I want my son to have more of that. No one thinks pot smoking is going to be a problem until it is, right?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/15/2016




It is always a waste of money and time to force anyone into therapy. They need to be willing to go.

For smoking pot? Is there more to this story???? If it is JUST for smoking pot, that is a bit absurd. If there are other mental problems happening, it should be addressed. But therapy because they smoke pot?

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