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Jodi - posted on 05/09/2015




Lady, posting someone's name on the internet in a derogatory way is, in fact, defamation.

And sandwiches are not junk food.....and fruit does not require a fork or spoon, it can easily be eaten by hand, even when it is chopped up. My kids have been doing it for years.

You really are making a mountain out of a molehill. School children world wide sit on the floor to eat. What food are you giving your children for lunch that this is such an issue for you??? Maybe you need to change the way YOU do things.

K. - posted on 05/09/2015




"And what are they eating that they are being "forced" to eat with their hands?"
- It means that they NOT allowing to use forks or spoons while seating on the floor(even when there is a gastroenteritis epidemic in school ).
Forcing kids to eat on the floor its not only humiliation, but also instills bad manners and it's VERY critical and infectious diseases and epidemics. I NEVER saw any glaring fact or anything like that in other schools, but did a research and found other facts that other parents outraged by this fact and start a legal action. I use to live in different country (Europe) for a few years and also NEVER saw or hear anything like that. Also, the food and eating habits are very different in a good way - healthy. When I'm telling anybody about that they are forcing kids to eat on the floor, like a caveman, by hands - they are in shock. About the food: we don't eat sandwiches, hot dogs, "healthy bars" , or any other junk food (anything that is high on sugar or fat ). But this is the only food that comfortably can be eaten by hands. We always peeling all fruits before eating - I cut them in to peaces and it's means to be eaten with plastic fork. But forks and spoons are not allowed...

To the Michelle Waldbillig:
I'm not defame someone - if you think that teacher behavior is defame - that's your personal opinion and I respect that. I'm telling the facts and looks like everybody around thinking it's good for kids and benefit them in every aspect. If everybody think its good for kids - it's not defame, but opposite - I'm the bad person here. In this case teacher should be proud for her actions. I only describing a fact to see how many other egregious cases like that exists.

Michelle - posted on 05/09/2015




**********Mod Warning*********
Please remove the teacher's name and school from your post. If you have problems then take it to the principal or higher. This isn't the place to defame someone.
WtCoM Mod.

Gena - posted on 05/08/2015




I agree with Jodi. First of all please take her name out of your post. You could get in trouble for using it. Secondly, my son is in playschool and he gets finger foods. When he starts kindergarten or school I will be making him lunch. He wont need a fork and knife to eat a sandwich. The lunch my mom use to make me was always food I would eat with my hands. Sandwich,fruits etc.
As for eating on the floor. My friends and I always went to sit outside on the floor and eat. In the country where I live with my family,the schools don't have lunch tables or cafeteria because we go home to eat a warm lunch. But the afternoon snacks are eaten at school in the break.
I don't quite understand what's wrong with eating food by hand?? Or are you talking about spaghetti that is thrown on the floor??

Jodi - posted on 05/08/2015




Do you mean the children sit on the floor to eat? It's hardly unusual for children to sit on the floor to eat food. If you think that is unusual, then I'm not sure what planet you are from. Children sit on the floor all the time in the classroom. As long as they aren't actually eating the food OFF the floor, I am failing to understand why you have a problem with it.

And what are they eating that they are being "forced" to eat with their hands? I don't know about you, but I pack my child's lunch and she eats it with....her hands!!!! Because that's the way her food is supposed to be eaten! I pack it so she CAN eat with her hands. If I pack something she can't eat with her hands, guess what? I supply a spoon or a fork!!!! It isn't the teacher's problem then!

I also strongly recommend you remove the name of the teacher from your post because this is defamation.

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