Forget or a lie & not forget

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My 12 year old son seems to tell me lies but it happens so often am not sure. A few day ago my son said something to his little brother and I was close enough from the front door to hear what he had said the last thing I heard was " you need to get up stairs so I quickly reacted and said Hey, Hey Hey! I few minutes I asked what he said, he tells me he didn't say anything to him. A day outside playing ball he wraps he's brother around he's neck( trying to get the ball)his oldest brother was outside to see all that happen. He's brother came in and told me that he was around
his neck he was telling him to get off . Him and his older brother comes in and I asked and his older brother told me what happen and that he had a talk with him, I asked and the story changed that he didn't do anything to him. Is my son forget or he programming it in his head to forget


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Kids tell lies so often they forget some of their own.

I have 3 kids aged 16- 19 all of whom at one point or another lied either because they thought they were in trouble or would be in trouble for whatever reason.

A lot of people may not agree with how I disciplined this but it worked...

I'd tried time outs, talking with the kids & explaining how lies could cause unnecessary damage to themselves &/or others, grounding from desired luxuries (electronics, friends, outside).
When that didn't help there were added consequences ranging from extra chores to the rare spanking.
If still telling lies, no matter how big or small, they were to brush their teeth with dishsoap.

The dish soap brushing was all it took to end the lies. No matter what the situation was they'd rather tell the truth than have to brush their teeth with dish soap again.

They've been surprised by my reaction to their truths so many times when I know they really wanted to lie.

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