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My hubby cheated on me and as a result a baby was conceived, his supporting the kid and I don't want her in our lives. I am considering a divorce I thought I could forgive but looking at him makes me angry. My younger kid 7years of age picked up on the resentment I have for their dad.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 01/27/2016




so, you cannot reconcile that the person you are allowing yourself to be angry with is THE CHILD?????

Just so you understand, THE CHILD had nothing to do with the circumstances of his/her conception.

My recommendation? Since you cannot see that you are directing your anger at the wrong person, and you are actively teaching your own biological child to continue to contribute to that hatefulness, get some counseling. Its up to you whether or not you forgive or reconcile with your spouse, but for you to actively blame and be angry with the CHILD is disturbing. You have absolutely no idea of how your cold-hearted treatment of an INNOCENT CHILD is affecting that poor kid.

Additionally, I recommend that your husband have separate visitation with his child, rather than 'stress' you out more by involving the child with the rest of the family. You're already teaching your 7 YO to hate the kid.

Be an adult. I get that you're pissed...I'd have my husband castrated, and mount his 'jewels' on the wall for all to see, if it were me. However, I WOULD NEVER take my anger, distress, or hurt feelings out on a CHILD. A child, may I remind you once again, who had absolutely NOTHING to do with his/her conception

Carol - posted on 01/27/2016




I know this is difficult for you. A child deserves to have their father in their lives. That little girl was not responsible for the way she was conceived. If you can't get past it, you should divorce. If you can, get counseling so over time you can handle things better. Also, you see that your younger child is being affected also. Please try to open your heart to the other child. It is not her fault.

Michelle - posted on 03/14/2014




I personally couldn't get past my ex husband cheating but it did take me a few years of trying to make the marriage work.
In the end I had to leave because the sight of him make me repulsed. I have since met the most wonderful devoted man any woman could ask for. I believe I had to deal with the ex to really appreciate my 2nd husband. There is the perfect man out there for you, he will treat you like a princess and be 100% committed to you.

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