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I am currently fostering a 6 year old little girl who is terribly jealous of other babies. I know of sibling rivalry and that it is common for a child to be jealous of their new baby brother or sister but what do you do when a child is jealous of all babies. She will twist the skin and do chicken scratches on babies and toddlers. She will even go into a sleeping babies cot and hurt them even when she is getting attention. I am worried that she will get worse and that it one day wont just be a pinch or scram. I also seen her kick our dog down the stairs. So if she can do that to an innocent animal what else is she capable of. We tell her we love her and give her attention all the time and we discipline her also. But I just really do not know what to do anymore? I am constantly having to have eyes at the back of my head.


Sarah - posted on 05/04/2014




I would talk with your social worker. A 6 yr old foster child is going to be very different then a 6 yr old non foster child. Your 6 yr old is going to be in many ways more like a 3 yr old. She is going to have more behavioral problems that will be life long. There are things you can do, but many things are going to be life long struggles. Talk with your social worker and even other foster parents....get resources that will help you guide her and her learn how to deal with her anger and attachment issues.

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Do you have her in therapy? If you don't I would look into it. In the meantime, she should never be left alone with babies or animals. Sit down and take the time to give her plenty of attention alone, and with the baby. Let her see that she is loved, and does not need to compete for attention.

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No she is not at therapy at moment but that is being put into action by her social worker. We do give her lots of attention and she is only around babies and younger children when my relatives come to visit. Thank you for your replies. The social workers want to take her off us as they worry about our grandchildren, but then how will she learn if she is given to a family that has no children around. She is told every day that she loved and we get her lil treats to reward her with when she has been good. Very true she is very much like a 3 year old. She currently can not read unless it is her own name or someone she knows name. It is a struggle to get her to learn but we do keep trying. Her school have said she has improved so much since coming to us as she would trash her class room up and strangle and hit the other kids so luckily that stopped. I just really hope she does grow out of all the other stuff.

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