Found a tooth in my sons snacks

Katie - posted on 05/31/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I won't say what the brand name was because I don't want to somehow get in trouble for slander or something...But, about an hour ago my son came up to me with something hard crunching around in his mouth. I got him to spit it out and realized it was a tooth, he is only 17 months old and his teeth are barely in so I was freaking out thinking it was his...When I realized it wasn't his it slowly dawned on me that it had come from the container of puffs that he had been eating (I never buy junk like that and had only done it because he was being a grouch and I thought that a treat might cheer him up.) So I call the company and am told that if I send in the tooth they will test it and I will get a refund for the $2 and change that the container cost. I am not one of those people that is looking for a free ride and I wasn't hoping for a million bucks, but maybe something more then 2 bucks! More importantly now I am freaking out, what if my son got something from this tooth? I am no expert on how diseases are spread and I am sure I am freaking out for nothing but GROSS! Thats's it. I just needed to share this horrifying experience.

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