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I'm a single mom with 4 daughters... Their dad stopped seeing them when he signed the divorce papers... I guess he thought he was divorcing his kids as well... My daughters have been through a lot... And I as a mother feel like I don't do enough for them.,. I tend to fill in the gap for their father but along the road I feel like I forgot to be a biggest problem


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I'm so sorry your daughters are going through this. We all want to feel loved and important, and unfortunately, when this sort of thing happens, we moms have to step in and do double duty. Each time you go to an important event, you're probably thinking, "Her dad should be here. I can't believe he'd voluntarily miss this." Believe me, I totally understand.

Here's what I've learned: we can't make people make right decisions. We can't make them do the right thing. We can't make them take responsibility in areas that they should. We can't make them enjoy what we think they should enjoy.


We can. We can enjoy each moment with our kids. We can sit there in the audience when they're doing something and know that WE didn't miss it. My advice to you is to hold tight to every single memory you make with your daughters. Try your best not to poison those memories with what their dad is or isn't doing. You can't control that. Instead, you can give them a positive atmosphere of love and attention, reminding them how much they are dearly loved.

If possible, it may even help to have positive male role models in their lives. However, their most important role model is you. You're obviously strong and capable, and they're watching your every move. What they learn from you is what they'll carry into adulthood. They're lucky to have you in their lives!

Praying for all of you...


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