Four year old has strange habits...

Fahra - posted on 12/23/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 year old son has a few strange habits,
He is obsessed and won't rest if you burp or hears anyone burp! You have to say excuse me or pardon me.. It was cute at first but now he behave like he will be sick if you don't say it. And he doesn't rest until its said.. I have often had to say "excuse me" for strangers.
If he hears someone on tv do it.. He says "excuse me"..

About a week ago he has this sensation that something is stuck in his toe nail.. I often pretend to pull fluff out otherwise he won't rest..
A new habit that's started is that I've noticed him constantly licking his hands! I'm so confused and feel helpless as other people look at him like he's strange..

Please reply if you know what the possible cause could be or if you have a had similar experience.


[momoftwo] - posted on 12/23/2013




It's almost like a compulsive thing it sounds like, or just really good manners. Children are silly and often do unexplainable things but I mean if it worries you talk to your doctor and go from there. :)

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