Four year old with poor impulse control - what can cause this?

Becca - posted on 01/26/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




A young mother I am close to a has a four year old boy (just turned four in December) who is a sweet and loving child, but who seems to have trouble in several areas.She is very concerned, and I told her I'd see what opinions I could get from you smart and experienced moms. Here's the situation:

He is not potty-trained, wearing pullups and going sporadically but not consistently in the potty.

His speech is not very clear, with some words and phrases clear but some not. He will ask, every time someone coughs or sneezes, "Oh! 'Eeyou okay?"He calls orange juice "Osha". The vacuum cleaner is a "Bakky doo".

He is very active, and has to be watched all the time. If we don't see him, he will be found somewhere turning on a light, picking up and manipulating things that are not his, etc. He is fascinated with lights, keys, computers, and other mechanical things.

He runs in the house even after repeated warnings not to.

He frequently will throw a toy at people or pets.

He will yell out "Boo!' or other things right in people's faces.

I lost my temper at him at my house when he just ran into my backside without warning.

He can count very high and is recognizing numbers.

Like I said, he is a sweet kid, and makes eye contact and will respond to questions. He just seems to have very poor control over his impulses.

His mother's friend who was babysitting him took him with her when she took her 16 year old to a doctor's appointment for his ADHD. The doctor remarked that this four year old showed signs of autism. The friend told his mother, who is now upset and wondering what she can do. She will get him evaluated, but in the meantime are there any techniques anyone has used to calm the impulsivity?

All suggestions welcome!


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Honestly it does sound like Autism or Aspergers... My nephew has Autism.. its not a life sentence... she needs to go to her Pediatrician and get refered for help.. I cant tell you how much it will help her life... they have early pre-school (free of charge in most towns) for kids with all kinds of differences.. they have a different school year, (they go longer) and are taught by cue's on now to act... My nephew was a terror, I mean terror, but I loved him and loved his heart and soul.. but it was hard to be around him... once the diagnosis came and he got help, and got into school settings that help it made a world of difference..Most likely the child doesnt want to act like this or cant comprehend that this is not normal... for his sake get help... he will be so thankful later on..

Good Luck and God Bless.

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