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Hi everyone, I'm new to the website. I was just searching to see what was out there for my situation and saw some of the other emails fro members, so i decided to take a chance and see. My name is Kenya and i am now 45. I have always wanted to be married before having a baby and the right guy finally came into my life about 4 years ago. For the last 2 years we have been trying to conceive with one obstacle after another. In 2014 we decide to try in vitro due to me only having 1 fallopian tube and ovary-the other was removed as a result of endometriosis. Our first attempt failed in February, and then I was fired in June and out of work until May 2016. We were all ready to try again this month but i was just diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Due to the chemo and possible radiation therapy I can not carry a baby for at least the next 5 years! I start my therapy the first week of September. So my sweetie and I have decided the best option for us is to freeze my eggs and hopefully find a free surrogate. We can't afford to go through an agency, as you know the cost is astronomical, but we are willing to of course pay for all medical bills, doctor visits etc. If someone is interested in helping us that would be wonderful. We are planning for transfer/implantation next year sometime. Please contact me at Thanks so much.
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While I empathize with your situation, this is not a place to ask for something like this and to give out your email address. It is an international site and lots of people see this. You could end up with someone hacking your computer or taking your identity if you are not careful.

So please try to find other avenues to find a surrogate to carry your child. My question is this: With all the medical treatments you are going to go through to take care of your cancer, how are you going to handle a baby and all that entails in the care of the baby? Your health is not going to be at its best, the baby will be up and down the first year all night and day for feedings and other needs and will you be able to handle that? Your guy is going to have a lot with caring for you let alone a baby. Are you certain you can handle this?

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