frequent fevers?

Jocelyn - posted on 01/27/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a 3 yr. old little girl who has had a fever ever 7-14days since Dec.09. She started with a bad stomach virus, that went away, then spikes another fever. Her symptoms are mostly a decreased appetite and sometimes lethargy. We have been to our pediatrician several times for ear checks and strep test all were negative. I am getting concerned about them because again today we started with another low grade fever. Any thoughts fellow moms? Thanks JC


Gwen - posted on 01/28/2010




Maybe check with a gastrointestinal specialist or internal medicine? I'd definitely get a second opinion from someone.


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Jessie - posted on 01/24/2011




My personal experience would have me tell you to see an allergist and test specifically for food allergies. first however, you should start a good diary and document everything you daughter puts in her mouth, drink and solids. it doesn't matter if it is something she has been having since she was an infant or, food allergies can develop after time even if you have been eating them for a long time. see if there is any pattern between eating and fevers. My son is intolerant and allergic to wheat (there is a difference, google it) and intolerant to dairy. frequent fevers (usually pretty low grade 100-101) were one of few symptoms. he would sometimes get gassy, irritable and have diarhea, not all the time mind you, just sometimes. also had a bit of excema on his cheeks (wheat allergy). This didn't start until he turned one and we gave him cows milk in a cup (he was breastfed until then) and things just sort of added up from there, he stopped eating as well and having runny diapers often. we found the milk probelm about 13 months and then went to an allergist at 15 months and discovered the wheat.
anyway, thats my story and opinion. I really would encourage the food diary for a couple weeks

Karla - posted on 01/24/2011




Look up PFAPA, does she get canker sores? My son had that but didn't get diagnosed until he grew out of it and we had another doctor. Track the fevers, length , start etc and see the pattern. It's also called Marshall's disease but that sounds scary and it really isn't. (stressful but not life threatening)

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