Friend blocked me on Twitter

Sarahpeterson4ever - posted on 05/17/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




This girl from church posted a picture on twitter of her and another girl from my small group hanging out, but whats weird is she doesnt usually post pictures on twitter usually she posts them on instagram or Facebook, and she didnt post this picture on instagram or Facebook. She knows I am a friend of her on facebook and instagram but I am not following her on Twitter so I dont think she knows I have a Twitter. Why would she post the picture on Twitter instead of Instagram or Facebook? Do you think she was trying to hide the post from me thinking I wouldnt see it because she thinks I dont have Twitter? This was after she told me she is really busy the next few weeks and wouldnt have time to hang out. Then I see this picture of her hanging out with this other person, so she has time to hang out with them but not me? And yesterday, I followed her on Twitter to find out she blocked me a few hours later. Today I looked at her account without logging in saw that she tweeted about yet another hangout with this friend last night. This was after I had messaged her yesterday afternoon asking when she could hang out next and she said late June. Then the next night I saw her post a picture of her hanging out with a different friend from small group.


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Michelle - posted on 05/18/2016




I agree with the others, stop stalking her on social media and talk to her. You are making yourself crazy over her.
Friends do come and go in our lives so I suggest finding some other people to hang out with.

Molly - posted on 05/18/2016




wow, something i can actually express an opinion about, not just ask questions of my own. i could not agree more that social media has more potential to make you miserable than content. i went thru a really rough patch when derek was away at college and another cadet who was a girl was friends with him at the Air Force Academy would post all sorts of things on his page about how funny he was, how hot he was, so smart and what a great time they were having. now derek is 3 years older than me so i was still in high school and he was not my boyfriend at the time. she really got under my skin and found myself constantly checking and reading posts and obsessing about what he was doing and with whom. even though i had no claim to him, i sorta knew he was meant to be my husband but he was 19 and i was 16 and that was just not gonna fly with my parents or the staff at the AFA. my parents finally had to put their foot down and said no more, you are making yourself nuts. it was like tear off a really tight bandaid but i did it and it was for the best. derek started hand writing me letters and that was way better than public posts--hey how are you, hope homecoming was fun, good luck at soccer--way better.
the absolute worst though was about 3 years ago, when news got out of my first miscarriage, the things people would post, and everywhere- instagram, twitter, facebook- it's for the best, you can have another, there was probably something wrong with it-- it was terrible. i liked having an account that i could see pictures of where derek was when he was overseas, or when he was flying but it seemed like no matter how careful we were to pick and choose our friends- awful old jealous girl could weasel in and she'd make posts like-- wow you must really trust derek around all those pretty flight attendants. just when i was at my lowest it seemed she'd make a jab. so we ended it all, in fact this is the first social media account we have had since the first baby was lost over 2 years ago. so that was long but i am trying to say is it is so much easier to never see any of it-- if someone wants to tell me something, they can text me, or call me or email me.

Jodi - posted on 05/18/2016




Seriously? Get off your damn social media and actually talk to the girl if you are so concerned. The way people used to do it. Ugh, teenage girl dramas.....

Dove - posted on 05/17/2016




Why does it matter? She is allowed to have her own life w/out you stalking her on social media... correct? Yes, if she does not want to spend time w/ you the mature thing to do would be to be upfront and honest... but maybe she is trying to avoid hurting your feelings. I'd likely not want to spend much time w/ someone if they were questioning my online activity and stalking me to see what I posted where...

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