Friend doesnt seem to like me

Ashley - posted on 05/03/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am so upset, this girl from my church who I thought was my friend had a ladies night get together and posted pictures on FB, and when I asked what it was for and if it was dress shopping she said "No. We were hanging out. And you dont need to be at every social thing I do, ok? Im sorry, but no." What the heck? She hasnt ever invited me to a single social thing shes done, ever. And then I said well sorry for asking I just felt excluded. She said theres no reason you should have felt excluded. But isnt that what you just did? And then to follow it up with an exclusive remark of I dont need to be at every social event you do. Wth? On top of that sh d made a fb post about a sushi get together and when I responded told me itwas cancelled and woulc reschedule it fof next week, then ended up cancelling again because she forgot sh ed had an appointment to get her phone fixed. Then she glared at me at church and didnt end up going to a small group prayer meeting that she was goingto go to after seeing that I was there. I dont know what to do


Michelle - posted on 05/03/2016




She doesn't seem like she's worth the effort.
Sometimes it's best to just walk away from people like that. Don't get upset over her, friends will come and go in our lives. Find friends who do want to spend time with you.


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Amber - posted on 05/03/2016




1 She does not seem like a friend. 2 the bible says we should be Christ like, she is Not being Christ like. She is being a snob. 3 if people act like that there I'd change churches. In my church everyone is super friendly and that's the way it should be

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