Friend/leader at church blocked me on Facebook

Ashley - posted on 03/21/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am so upset, a friend from church blocked me and I don't know why. All I know is it happened after he tagged everyone that was at this church event I went to except me saying if youre not here youre missing out, to which I commented I was there and the next thing I know he blocked me wth?? And this is a leader in my small group too!

I just asked him at church if I had done anything to offend him because I noticed he blocked me and he said no so I was like why did you block me and he said some of my comments were unnecessary and said dont worry about it when I started to ask what comments. Then this girl I was talking to about it said you need to not be offended or upset that he tagged everyone but you or that he blocked you and maybe thats the reason people dont tag me or include me because I get upset when they exclude me and they are tired of me acting like I think they are rejecting and excluding me , well maybe if you didnt reject and exclude me all the time I wouldn't be upset or think youre excluding me


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Sarah - posted on 03/22/2016




I agree with Michelle, look at the big picture. You were blocked on Facebook, not kicked out of your small group or out of the church. You self worth should not be shaken by an exclusion on social media.
Stepping away from Facebook can be hard for some people, but i urge you to just log out, turn off your alerts and live your life. I do have a Facebook account, I visit it when I want to post a big milestone for one of my kids; when my son was awarded his Eagle Scout rank, when my daughter was recruited to an all boys soccer team, etc. I have no interest in hearing that someone just found jalapeno peppers on sale, or whatever. Step away and turn to the people in your life. You may find you feel much better.

Michelle - posted on 03/21/2016




I think you need to step back and rethink your reaction. Is it really a big deal in life? If you are so upset about not being tagged in a photo then tag yourself.
Maybe you even need time away from Facebook, it's not real life and if things that happen on there are so upsetting then step away. Get back to real friendships and actually talking to people instead of reading about everything.

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