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friend parenting problem.......

Ashley - posted on 11/09/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




hi. my name is ash and i have a friend who has children who are harder to be around. i have three sons and a newborn lil girl. and we spend time together and i wanna know your suggestions for this parent who has a hard time with her children. the children act out by hurting other children with toys or physically. i am finding it hard to be around this friend and children. i have helped in the past by stepping in myself with the children and telling the children whats right n wrong. but these children have no respect for others yet, no matter the age. i have children around the same ages n find that they know how to respect others when appropriate, so i don't get how the other children aren't respectful as well. this mom does her best to teach her children, they just don't listen?! i love this friend and children, i wanna find a solution without harm to anyone. please help?!


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Sharon - posted on 11/09/2009




I have no issues telling someone "I would never let my kids do that." I usually hear " I don't know how to stop it/I don't know what to do." My reply is "do you mind if I step in?" Frankly its usually lazy parenting.

Face we're TIRED. 1 kid is enough to stress you out, 3 kids makes you want to pass out. Whatever her reason is - Don't stand for it. If she won't parent her kids, someone has to. And if she doesn't mind you stepping in, then do it. Then you get to preserve your friendship.

The problem is raising your own kids is tiring enough. You're supposed to be hanging out with your friend because its fun. If you're chasing 5 - 8 kids trying to discipline them all while she sits on her ass - who is having fun???

Michaela - posted on 11/09/2009




It's really hard to tell other parents what they should do to discipline their children. It's so important to be consistant with the kids. My kids aren't the easiest kids (I have 4 really active and rambunctious boys) and it's hard to be consistant, but I've found that when I'm consistant with the discipline I get the best results. It takes time, but eventually they learn respect. If she can be patient and consistant in disciplining her kids eventually they should get the picture.

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