friends seem to dissappear when your pregnant


Gena - posted on 02/09/2015




Sometimes people dont want to hassle a pregnant woman. They think you need rest or time for yourself. I dont like those people who all of a sudden are always around because a baby is on the way,and then they always come around when the baby is small and cute..once the baby is a toddler you dont here from them again..thats what my aunt did to me. A year later my other aunt had her first child and then she started to only go to her. Next time i wont let her do that again to me. Btw its not unusual that once you have a baby,your friends dont show up anymore. Its if they dont have children. They dont know what to talk about and you will be focused on your baby. But dont worry..i lost alot of my friends when i became a mom at 21..but i have found a whole new friends group..all mothers that understand. Good luck and have a great pregnancy..and remember its ok. And if you have friends that dont show up and you would like them to,just give them a call! Maybe they are waiting for you to give the ok to come over.

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