From AAP (Pediatrics) - Pesticides Linked to ADHD in Kids!!!

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Just wanted to post this new article from the journal Pediatrics - It shows a much higher rate of ADHD in kids (age 8-15) with higher levels of pesticides in their bodies.

These pesticides are found predominantly in produce, even frozen produce. They recommend at LEAST washing all produce thoroughly to remove some of the pesticides. Another option I personally prefer is to buy ORGANIC produce - it does NOT contain pesticides in the first place. (This is also much better for our environment and drinking water supply.)

Some types of produce contain more pesticides than others. If you can't afford to buy all organic, here is a list of produce in order of most to least pesticides (From a different trustworthy source - the Environmental Working Group):

The ones with the most pesticides are more important to buy organic. Hope this info can help you reduce the amount of pesticides in your child's body !!!


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I was reading if you spray down your produce with plain ol vinegar. wait a min.... then spray down with hydrogen peroxide wait a min.. then rinse it well in water will kill germs and get lots of pesticides off the skin of the fruit. I have noticed I don't react (burning in mouth) to conventional strawberries when washed this way. (I never have burning mouth syndrome with organic strawberries.)

The same article also talked about pesticide drift and to not forget to wash the organic stuff too! The wind can carry the pesticides into the organic fields.

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