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My 11 mo. old chokes on meats even size 2 meats. I can't get him to stop how can i make him get use to the meats?? My 1st son was no problem with meats..


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Vanessa - posted on 11/27/2010




your son has an overactive gag reflex - dont stress. my son did too until he was almost three! lol
and only on certain foods which was frustrating for both of us!
mealtimes need to be kept relaxed - feed him what works and give the gagging foods a bit of a break (it wont do any harm!) as his speech skills - using his tongue etc. improve and increase, so will his control over his gag reflex - some kids just take a lot longer than others.
If you are worried about his iron intake (hence the meat) give him an iron fortified formula - if he gets iron from his other foods/vegs etc. then just back off on the meats for a bit. My son EVENTUALLY learned about meat through gnawing on a cheerio (lil sausages in Australia) like cocktail wieners! But even then he was about 18mths old!
Dont compare the two kids ---- this one will take time, and there's nothing that you can do to speed up the process - making mealtimes stressful only makes things worse.

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