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My 18th month old son doesn't want to eat food. He only eats baby jars and yogurt. Any other kind of food is right away pushed away. At first he had sensory issues but lately its more of a behavior issue. He's capable of eating since he has no problem eating snacks and candy. Another problem is he only drinks soy formula. He will not drink anything else! But His nutritionist said he should be off soy and milk. what can I do?


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I would first talk with your doc as there might be certain things that medically you should or should not do. If there are no medical concerns here is what I would do.....only offer table food, throw out all the baby food. If it is a behavior thing then don't give him the option of baby food. Make sure he is not drinking too much milk....he should be having no more then about 12 ounce of milk a pretty much 4 ounces at each meal. What I do is offer the food first and save the milk back until we have almost completed our meal. This way hopefully it encourages him to eat the food. It also gives him that as the only option if he is hungry. Then give him 4 ounces. If he wants more after that he needs to finish most his food...or a good portion. This way he is not drinking his meal filling up with the milk. As far as soy formula....if he is not liking the switch to cow's milk you can try soy, rice, almond, or goats milk. I would also stop with the yogurt until he picks up eating table food more. Then you can introduce that back in.

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