Frustrated and scared

Nicole - posted on 07/21/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi everyone. My son Max is six years old and although he has not been officially diagnosed by a doctor he has a preliminary diagnosis of high functioning Aspergers and ADHD. He has had some tics since birth like headbanging and rocking but now that he is school aged his tics are worsening. He is always grabbing his groin, touching his face and forehead, and most recently touching his chin to his chest constantly. The most frustrating thing has been that the therapist we were working with focused on punishments like push-ups for these behaviors which just made things worse so we stopped seeing him. I believe that we need to address the root causes of his anxiety and help him to develop positive coping skills. His father on the other hand makes light if it and at times will copy him in an attempt to make Max aware of these actions. This is causing much stress in our household as i attempt to educate his father that drawing attention to these behaviors out loud and in front of others will make the tics worse. His father seems to believe that he has control over these movements how do I convince him that he does not? I feel so alone and afraid as we get ready to enter first grade at a new school I fear these tics will get worse. Any suggestions would be much appreciated or if you would just share your story so I wont feel so alone I would sincerely appreciate that also. Thanks for reading this.

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