Frustrated mom over disrespectful runaway male teen

Pearl - posted on 06/17/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son was an honor student all his life until this passed school year he decided that he knew more than anyone he knew. Especially his parents. He has turned our home into a war zone with him being against everyone in the house. It's like a complete role reversal. He started talking to us as if we were the kids. He has broken windows, punched and kicked holes in doors, smashed pictured frames ,etc. I have called the police several times. What's funny is the fact that all the hell my son put us through he has more rights than us. He uses it to his advantage. I have tried to press charges more than once but because he was only sixteen they refused to arrest him. They said he was a minor and that if they put him in jail he would end up worse off and they believed he was still a great kid but lost. He has a real bad attitude and no one wants to deal with him in the family. What about the parents rights. When is it okay for a child to hit the parents and they can't defend themselves. I've told my son several times that what he was doing was wrong and he will pay for it. The police informed him that when he turns seventeen he was no longer considered a minor and could and would be arrest for any or all the things that he has gotten away with in the past if he does any of the same things again. So as soon as he turned seventeen he moved out while I was sleeping. It wasn't long before he started posting all kinds of lies on facebook and instagram . I love my son and hate to see him out there but I never put him out. Even though it's peaceful with him not being there he is still my son and i am well aware what can happen to him out on the street. He was a wonderful human being for fifteen years of his life and now he just didn't care about anything or anyone. I felt so much hate coming from him and I can't for the life of me figure out what I've done to be treated this way. I have three other children. One a junior in college. I'm very proud him. I was very proud of my runaway too before all this happened. I'm so angry for all this and yet I can't sleep at night because I'm too stressed out worrying about him. He probably sleeping just fine, but I'm a mom. Can someone please help me. He had an G.P.A. 3.8 But now you don't even want to know what his grades look like now. When I would ask him what happened, his answer is always the same. "He grown and we keep making him mad", his favorite phrase. He didn't do anything to help around the house but make a mess. He trashed his bedroom. The fact is that what ever we told him to do, he did the opposite and whatever I told him not to do well you can figure out he did just that. It was a power struggle. I honestly believe if the police would have locked him up at least once ,just maybe he wouldn't be acting like a fool now. I just wants some peace for my household. It is peaceful for everyone except me in the household because it's not comforting not not where your child is and if you will ever see him again. Everyday Someone's mom is losing their child.My son became so cold I couldn't recognize him anymore. It still doesn't change the way I feel about him. I love my son. If anyone experience anything like this, what helped you through it.


Raye - posted on 06/17/2015




If he's legal age where you live, and he's out of the house, then all you can do is hope for the best. He's going to make mistakes, and he will now have to live with the consequences. Hopefully he will learn sooner rather than later that he had it good while at home, and maybe his parents really do know more than him. And hopefully he will straighten his life out. Unfortunately, you just have to wait and see. So sorry that you are going through this.

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