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How do you juggle appointments, behaviors and everyday frustrations. Our son is 33 mo and is not talking yet. His pediatrician finally gave us the green light to do the whole speech hearing evaluation thing. In the mean time we also have a 12 yr old wt ADHD. I can't possibly see having more appointments to make. I may have to quit my job and I love what I do, but my children's future is at risk here. I pray my son starts talking soon;(


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First off your son will speak when ready. Many people takes their children to speach therapy. My children took awhile to speak, but, I let nature run it's course. They now speak so much, I tell them it is time for quietness. Adhd.. is a hyper disorder. You can get herbal medicine for that and not have so many appointments. Who knows.. the appointments maybe causing more hyperness. What what medicines you give. It can cause more harm than good. As for quitting your job, You will make more of a stressful situation for yourself. Maybe the father could help you with your problems, if he is around at all. If he is, then it is not all your job to tend to the children. One less burden of appointments would be not to worry about speech therapy. Some people may think it is nessasary.. but in many cases, it is not. If your child understands what words you say to him and can point to an object that you say.. Then he is learning.. Not all children learns the same and at the same age.

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